What critics & fans think of Netflix’s Resident Evil!

Like any video game adaptation, Netflix’s Resident Evil series debuted on the streaming platform last week; and has received a surprisingly wide range of reviews.

Although it is based on Capcom’s renowned survival horror series, the show concentrates on Albert Wesker and his daughters; rather than changing the plot of the games. Seems like a recipe for disaster, don’t you think? I guess, sort of.

According to Eurogamer, the show has received a fairly hostile fan reaction; with many viewers expressing their disapproval of the series’ direction. We were at least a little taken aback, but we firmly believe that the show lacks bite.

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Nintendo Life had to say about it is as follows:

These viewpoints are shared by Push Square, which refers to Netflix’s adaptation as a “silly, silly television show”; and contrasts it to the teen drama Riverdale.

However, IGN has generally had favorable things to say about the program, praising showrunner Andrew Dabb in particular:

GamesRadar, on the other hand, is less complimentary of the program; but agrees with the widespread praise for Lance Reddick’s portrayal of Albert Wesker:

The Verge also feels that the show doesn’t have much to say or offer, despite praising Reddick’s portrayal of Wesker:

Less forgiving reviews of the show have been posted on various aggregation websites by fans of the video games.

The show makes an effort to appease fans by providing callbacks and references; but many people have taken offense to the timeline jumping and teen-focused plot, with some even calling the show “terrible.”

At the time this article was written, Resident Evil’s Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes was a pretty pitiful 25%. The average rating from critics is 50%, which is still not great but much better than 25%. The show was described as being “Boring, bloated, and incoherent” by one commenter; while another said, “I’m not sure what direction they were going for here. Maybe YA fiction set against a Resident Evil backdrop”.

Not much better is Metacritic. Again, the user score is a dismal 1.8/10 while the average critic score is around 53/100.

While many comments criticize the show’s direction and emphasis on teen characters; one more forgiving viewer at least found time to praise Lance Reddick; “I’m going to give this a 3 out of respect for Lance Reddick. He is excellent; the others, not so much. The 3.6 user rating on IMDB is also not particularly noteworthy.