What the Cocktail that You Like Tells About You

Believe it or not, the cocktail you order when you go out tells a lot about you. So, after a lot of researches done at different bars, we’ve made this short list describing characteristics commonly associated with different drinks.


You could have ordered a vodka soda, but are afraid that the bartender will judge you. You have a lot of Brooks Brothers shirts, even though you didn’t know they are slim fit. Possibly you drank Shirley Temples when you went out for dinner with your parents at the age of 16.

Frozen Margarita

You may be from Dallas or possibly from a tropical island. Or you should be, or else what is going on with you?

Margarita on the rocks

You really like sweet-and-savory snacks. You have tried to surf once, but you gave up because you were too bad at it.

Scotch on the rocks

You some way or another have two days’ worth of stubble. You are the owner a beautiful and expensive watch and you get angry wearing it to places that others may find inappropriate. You bought an overpriced axe to chop wood on the Internet, even though you may not own a fireplace.

Long Island Iced Tea

You may be a student of college, or you chose not to start drinking until the age of 27. You wear a long-sleeve T-shirt that is made for the advertisement of a fake surf shop somewhere you’ve never been before.

Mai Tai

You are a party person. You have 3 Hawaiian ironic shirts, and only one non-ironic Hawaiian shirt that has just a “Hawaii” stamp. Okay, to be sincere this is a pretty decent shirt. It’s made out of a nice fabric. You only change the radio station when Jimmy Buffet shows and also when you have other people in your car.


You are the bartender’s worst nightmare. You chose this drink when you were once outside at a Cuba-themed bar, and you really liked it. And you’re right, it is fantastic. But it is winter now and mint is not fresh anymore. That is the reason the bartender hates you I am sorry.

You also have a lot of Jodi Picoult books in your library.

Rum and Coke

You may be a college student. Or you may be just a college kid at your heart. Both ways, you need to stop wearing those cargo shorts when you go out of your house.