What will $100 buy you around the world?

When you think about buying something that cost $100, it may look as a small amount of money for you to spend , but don’t forget that what seems this small to you may  worth a lot for someone else living in another country. Even small things like food, souvenirs and gas  can vary depending on where we are in the world.

Read the article to find out what you can buy for $100 in different 10 different countries. Than you can reserve your holiday tickets.

10. Russia

$100 USD= 7,326 Russian Rubles

One of the best things you can buy in Russia is caviar and according to Maria Amann  the cost of a high-quality can is be between  $50 and $100 USD. “Be careful, it has to be produced in Kamchatka or Sakhalin, it’s fake,” she said.

If you want to spend your money on souvenirs, you can buy  hand-crafted Russian dolls or matryoshka that can be found at a price of $5 or  $6 in Moscow. This means you can bring some home for your friends and kids.  

9. Grenada

$100 USD equals =270 East Caribbean Dollars

100 UDS are a big deal in Grenada.  For 100USD you can buy an coral handmade necklace, made by red coral seeds.

A necklace will cost  $20 or you may find some shop that can give 3 pieces for $40. This means you can bring a few home and make some greats gifts you’re your friends and family.

If you’re finished with 40$ on jewelry , with $60 can buy some pieces of lobster. Everyone who has tried them is surely craving one of those now.  

8. Colombia

$100 USD =320,574 Colombian Pesos

 Colombia is well known for leather goods and bags. Jackets or other leather products are a great deal. There you can find a great  leather purse for less than $20. There you can find beautiful purses that look like they are designed from famous designers for $16 .

When you’re over shopping leather and you need some meal, you can find a meal at a nice restaurant for almost $7.50.

At those prices it’s great to see how many things you can bring home for your family and friends spending only $100 USD

7. Romania

$100 USD equals=410 Romanian Leu

Romania is well known for  hand-painted pottery and there you can buy a nice pottery at a really nice price.  For $100 USD at the Romanian Traditional Products Fair in Bucharest you can buy 8 fine plates.

Another recommendation is buying a collection of the painted Easter eggs. This painted eggs are really unique and can be found at the spring festival of renewal. For a $100 budget you can buy between 30 to 40 hand-painted eggs.

6. South Africa

$100 USD =1,556 South African Rand

If you plan traveling to South Africa , $100 will take you really far. You can buy tickets for two for a theater show  in Cape Town for almost $8 and at this price you will get the best seats. After for a dinner for two at a great restaurant you will have to spend around  $32. If you think of having a couple of drinks you can have a cocktail for almost $3. And you will still have money to spend. What about a  cappuccino the next day? You can get it for just $1.50.

5. India

$100 USD =6,732 Indian Rupees

If you want to buy a hand-designed skirt or cloth in India, you can do it for only $8 or less  if you know how to barter. A nice necklace, which would cost $40- $50 in the U.S, can be bought for $10 in India.

If you are looking for something new and unique for your house you are in the right place. Lamps and other works of art can be found for a price between $10 and $25. And then there are the spices. You should know India is the country of spices. There you can find cinnamon sticks and other unique spices  for $20 per kilogram.

4. Dubai

$100 USD = 367 Emirati Dirhams

If you are thinking of traveling  to Dubai, entertainment and clothes won’t be as cheap. There one pair of jeans will cost about $102 USD, a pair of Adidas shoes will cost nearly  $100 USD. A dinner for two at a normal restaurant will cost around $50.

But if you want to save money, you can cook your own food. Fruits and vegetables there have a very low price.

So if you are planning of spending money on clothes and accessories try saving some money by buying food on local markets and supermarkets. This will surely save you some good dollars.

3. Bahamas

$100 USD = 100.01 Bahamian dollars

One Bahamian dollar is almost equal to one U.S. dollar. But there is a huge difference on the cost of goods and services. 3.8 liters of milk will cost almost 10 dollars in Bahamas which is almost four times more that what it would cost in the U.S. A gallon of gas will cost around 5 dollars, 12 eggs can cost 4 dollars, and a meal from McDonald’s is about $7.

So be careful, $100 will only fill up your gas tank and stomach in Bahamas.

2. Thailand

$100 USD =3,554 Thai Baht

Thai silk is very famous all around the world. Thai silk is made from 100% natural fibers. Making silk is a slow process, and that is what makes the prices such a deal. For silk products such as a scarf, a cushion cover there is a price of about $17 USD. So if you want to get some silk souvenirs you’re your loved ones, remember that you can only afford about five at a budget of $100.

If you visit Phuket , 100 dollars are a great deal. If you want to ride a tuk-tuk or feed a monkey or get a massage and manicure you can do it with only a few U.S. dollars.

1. Paris

$100 USD equals= Euros

 A meal at a good and normal priced restaurant in the center of one of the most attractive cities of the word, away from the tourist attractions can cost around 30 and 40 euros. If you feel sleepy and you want a coffee, don’t hesitate. An espresso costs around 1 euro if you drink it a bar and about double of it if you choose to sit at a table.

An ticket to the Musée of Louvre costs 15 euros, and the museum of  modern art, Centre Pompidou, will take you 14 euros from your pocket.

You can have some cold drinks or cocktails for almost 10 each seeing the breathtaking panorama of the city.

If you’re hungry, go on a cheese shop. There you can buy a slice of the most delicious cheese you have ever eaten for about 10 euros.