Why Is Everyone Drinking Aloe Vera Juice on TikTok?

You are what you eat, as the saying goes, but TikTok creators are attempting; to prove that you are also what you drink. Many people have taken to the app to praise aloe vera juice. An elixir that users claim helps clear up skin and promotes optimal gut health. As of this writing, videos featuring the concoction had received approximately 1.7 billion views.

Bria Lemirande’s March 14 aloe vera juice testimonial is one of several aloe vera juice reviews; that have gained popularity among TikTok users. In the video, Lemirande claims that drinking a one-ounce shot of the liquid tonic twice a day for a “week and a half” resulted in her skin “clearing up a ton”. She also claims that drinking aloe vera juice on a regular basis has improved her gut health.

According to Lemirande, drinking aloe juice has “made [her] skin very dewy, glowy, and the texture improved.” In terms of gut health, I felt significantly less bloated after eating.”

But, in terms of science, can drinking aloe vera juice actually help you get clearer skin and a happier gut?

Some studies have shown that consuming aloe vera may help alleviate acne, according to Nikhil Dhingra, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City; but he adds that “these aren’t particularly exhaustive studies and so their interpretation can’t be taken as definitive proof.”

Nonetheless, Dr. Dhingra tells Allure that there are benefits to using the plant topically. “When used externally, aloe vera has been known to have anti-inflammatory and healing properties; which we commonly know from its use as a treatment for mild sunburns,” he explains.

Another board-certified dermatologist, Barry Goldman, MD, is skeptical of aloe juice’s ability to treat acne. Dr. Goldman says he isn’t aware of any studies that investigate the relationship between aloe vera juice and skin, but he believes “aloe vera juice may contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory [properties].”

“There is no evidence that drinking or eating other unsweetened unprocessed juices, fruits, and vegetables benefits your skin more than drinking or eating aloe vera juice,” he adds. “The majority of the evidence is anecdotal; which means that one or two people had a fantastic experience or believe in it.”

While some research suggests that consuming aloe vera may help alleviate some gastrointestinal issues, Dr. Hosseini notes that “there have been no large clinical trials to date that show a reliable benefit of aloe vera for long-term symptom relief or gastrointestinal health”. She does, however, mention some risks associated with both short-term and long-term use of aloe vera.

“Overuse of whole leaf aloe vera juice or aloe latex as a laxative can be dangerous; both in the short term, due to fluid shifts and electrolyte disturbances,” Dr. Hosseini explains.

Dr. Hosseini advises that if you want to incorporate aloe vera juice into your daily routine, you should first consult your doctor. Always be skeptical of what you see on TikTok.