Top inspiring quotes throughout history

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you need inspiration just like the rest of us.  We want to help you change the routine you are in, and visualize a brighter future.  Here are 25 Inspirational quotes from famous people we love: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein “It […]

Celebrities with unusual hobbies

They are the ones that inspire us, but what inspires celebrities? Here’s your chance to know them differently, and who knows, perhaps one of them will inspire you to pick up a new hobby: 1-Divergent’ star Shailene Woodley makes her own toothpaste, face oils, and cheese She demonstrated her knowledge of herbs when she brought […]

Top 8 celebrities vacation spots

When it comes to taking a vacation, everyone thinks of their favorite spot to go. Maybe the beaches of Greece like the Kardashians, or something more exotic like Kenya for Demi Lovato? Regardless if you are a celebrity or not , everyone has their special spot, but today we are going to talk about some […]

dua lipa2- break my heart
Unstoppable Dua Lipa released the latest hit of Future Nostalgia

Five days ago, Dua Lipa released the third single “Break My Heart” of the her latest album “Future Nostaligia”, which is the second music album in her career. Lipa’s second album was announced in December, alongside the release of the first promotional single “Don’t Start Now”. The single climbed rapidly in the UK billboard at […]

The most expensive cocktails in the World

Who doesn’t love a cocktail. After a long day at work, a cocktail is the only thing that will get you in the mood. Today we have prepared a list of the top 10 most expensive cocktails in the world: 10- Original Mai Tai When summer starts ,the first thing you do is go to […]

james-packer- mariahcarey
Celebrities who married or dated Billionaires

Marriage is about two individuals, that decide to unite their love and life through a legal process. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world , it releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings in our mind and body. Now, the fact that your future husband or wife is a billionaire is just the cherry […]

Most expensive cars owned by Hip Hop artists

Rappers may not be the richest but they make sure to live life to the fullest. They always dare to wear heavy jewelry, to be escorted by the hottest girls or to throw the craziest parties. However in order to prove that you are someone important and that money is no issue for you, a […]

Top 17 Rolex watches

A watch is a very important accessory in everyone’s apparel. Let’s say that each and every time a person wants to look chic and comfortable the first watch brand that comes in everyone’s mind is ROLEX.  Headquartered in Geneva, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Since then, […]

5 richest people in the Fashion Industry

Fashion! Have you ever thought about the role fashion plays in our culture. It has a big effect on our lives , it’s not just a necessity , it’s a form of communication. With fashion, you can introduce yourself without saying one word. But how much do you know about the people behind some of […]

From Commoners to Royalty

Turns out Cinderella is not just a fairy tale. These stories of commoners who married royalty are the living proof that you can find your “PRINCE CHARMING” in a bar. 1-Grace Kelly She became royalty after marrying with Rainier III, The Prince of Monaco. Kelly met Rainier III, when she was 25 years old.  They […]

8 Street Style trends of fall 2020

Designers create clothes with the purpose to deliver a direct message to people. It’s been 100 years since we have seen designer collections and of course we analyzed them and every design started to become a trend. After asking some people about the style trends in the 2010’s , certain years where defined by items […]

rita ora
Rita Ora / How to be an exceptional artist in different industries

Everyone who decide to take the path of becoming a superstar with their art, knows that it is not an easy or comfy road. Talent and hard work are the main and most important values and principles of a successful musician, singer, actor, painter, writer ect ect. Rita Ora, the British singer with Albanian origin, […]

Eminem and Mike Tyson talking about personal life
Eminem and Mike Tyson talking about personal success like never before

An unprecedented duo, like hip hop living legend Eminem and boxing living legend Mike Tyson, decide to sit down on the podcast Hotboxin, hosted by Tyson to talk about life. Tyson started the conversation by talking about the first days of hip hop. How it was described as something unmoral, since it was made by […]

late night shows home edition by silvi fort
Top 3 Late Night Shows “Home Edition” that are going viral

The whole entertainment business is taking a hit from the global pandemic. As the work from home policy keeps building up on different levels, late night hosts live Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert said “why not”. Here is how the top 3 Late Night Shows are handling the situation: Number 3 : The Tonight Show […]

top 10 expensive parfumes
Top 10 most expensive parfumes

Fragrance is an important accessory.  Some people choose jewelry, some people choose perfumes , some people choose both.  For me putting on my favorite fragrance is just as important as wearing my favorite shoes.  Imagine you are in a grocery store waiting to pay for your products, and the person behind you, smells AMAZING , […]

mayweather come back to fighting
Mayweather wants 600 million dollars to fight McGregor and Khabib

The greatest boxer alive, Floyd “Money” Mayweather look like isn`t ready for retirement. Latest updates on Mayweather team confirm tha Floyd wants 600 million us dollars to fight both McGreggor and Khabib or even Pacquiao. He said it feels like the right time. Floyd Mayweather retired in August of 2017 with his world wide record […]

Top Selling Albums of all Time

No matter if we are feeling happy or sad , music is our Safe Haven. Music plays a more important part in our life than we can  imagine.  It’s not just a source of entertainment ,  it has Health Benefits too. So today we have made a list of the top selling albums of all time.  Here you will […]

How to entertain yourself at home without spending too much
How to entertain yourself at home without spending too much money

The worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus, declared by the WHO (World Health Organization), is increasing drastically, many states around the world like Italy, Spain, France, Japan, and South Korea are taking preventive measures. One of the measures is the social isolation declared as the policy “I stay home” that is being followed in Italy. In […]

top netflix tv shows 2020
Top 10 Netflix series to watch in 2020

The famous worldwide platform Netflix, has more than 150 original TV shows with over 1 petabyte of data, providing its clients, multiple choices to watch on a daily basis. Here at Silvi Fort, we have made a must watch list of the top 10 Netflix series to watch in 2020, if you haven`t already watched […]

posters 2020
10 Upcoming Budget Movies for 2020

When it comes to movies a lot of people get addicted to it. Finally 2020 has come together with incredible movies with fast cars, great stunts and big concepts.  Check out the upcoming movies coming out this year. 1- Mulan Release date: March 27 Mulanis an upcoming 2020 American action drama film directed by Nicky […]

Here are 5 success stories of how normal people became famous worldwide

We all fail everyday, at school, at work, with our relationships, and even within our family. Instead of giving up, sit for a second and think about people who went through the same situation or worse. Failure is the opportunity to start again,but this time with more knowledge. Here are 5 famous celebrities who managed […]

top 10 books
10 Young adult books you will get addicted in 2020

Regardles of what age you are there is no better to unwind that with a glass of wine and a good young adult novel. From modern meet-cutes to life-or-death games you will literally get addicted to these YA books and you will not get to bed at 10. Pm as you self-declared. 1- “Tweet Cute” […]

Then And Now: How celebrity couples have evolved

In a world where we read tales of the latest celebrity feuds, scandals, and heartbreak, it can be refreshing to take a look at those who can restore our faith in love. Beyoncé and Jay Z,Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen they all are in the list. 1- John Legend […]

9 tips for Success
9 tips for Success

Success… What a big word, but what is success for us? How can we become successful in life too? For some, when they think of success, they imagine wealth ; others want energy; some just want to have a positive impact on the world. All of these are valuable, in fact success is a concept […]