Non Famous People Who Look Like Celebrity Twins

Have you walked around and find someone who looks exactly like your friend? Or even yourself? It is a strange feeling when you understand you are not alone. At least is one person who may be our doppelganger or twin. Here are some examples that look so much like celebrities is scary. Jennifer Lopez and Janice […]

Traditional Clothing From Around The World

The world has changed so much in more ways than one, over the last 100 years. Traditional clothing is an important part of a region’s history and identity. Some areas regard their national dress as an unofficial uniform, to be worn only on ceremonial occasions. In other societies, traditional clothing is mandatory for both men […]

10 Biggest Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

You would think that creating entire digital movie sets one pixel at a time or drawing every frame of animation would make it easier to avoid mistakes or accidents. But some of the most well-known Disney animated movies have incredible mistakes that fans probably never noticed. Until now. 10. Moana The heart-warming animation, Moana , […]

10 Haircuts that Make Petite Girls Look Taller Without Having To Wear Heels

Just the same as clothes and shoes even a haircut can help us looking taller. For almost all finding a haircut suitable for its characteristics, height, taste, and hair type is not an easy thing. Things are more complicated for petite girls and women. We just made a list of some styles that could transform […]

10 Beautiful Cities You Should Visit Once in Your Life

“Beauty is in the eyes that look” – british painter, Francis Bacon, said. We seek beauty in many forms through art and architecture, water views and mountain vistas, history and culture and some places make that search extremely easy. Have you ever visited a city and simply fallen in love? We’re sure you have – […]

4 Signs That Can Tell High Intelligence on People

Research and studies are made for people with High Intelligence. And they explain how some behaviors can influence a person’s intellectual abilities. Here are 4 signs that can tell high IQ on people. Maybe a genius lives within you. Find it with us! 1. Cooperative People with High IQ are more united and cooperative in their […]

Here Are 10 Most Crowded Cities in the World

In a speedily advancing world in were people are given access to life-extending medicines and mass produced food, a lot of modern and capital cities have become the centers for these scientific and technological evolution. This has lead to a very huge population growth mostly in urban centers. Do you want to know the world’s […]

8 Gorgeous People With a Unique Skin Tone

Every person has their own charming features that make them special. All the people described below have attracted the worlds attention thanks to their atypical skin color. They’re surely not ashamed of their uniqueness, and all of them became a real sensation. 8. Lola Chuil She has more than 435k followers on Instagram even though […]

8 Affordable Jewellery Brands

Stylish jewellery do not need to cost the earth, and we’ve got proof.Affordable jewellery brands that produce quality, fashionable pieces can feel difficult to find. But believe us when we say ‘they’re out there’. Instead of draging yourself into the interwebs to find them and define which are actually good, we’ve put out research hats […]

9 Unusual Places Around The World

The world we live in is beautiful and strange at the same time. Most of us wonder about the mysterious places on earth. And each corner waits silently to be discovered by us.  Here are 9 places that can tickle our curiosity. 9. Thor’s Well in Oregon,USA This place is the gem of Oregon. It […]

25 Must-See UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From supernatural stories to cultural legends, every UNESCO world heritage site has a story to tell. Here are the 25 Must-See UNESCO world heritage sites to check. 25. Stonehenge, United Kingdom Stonehenge is possibly the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. It was built in several stages: the first monument was built about 5,000 years ago, […]

12 Holiday Traditions In the World You May Have Never Heard About in the Past

Holiday traditions differ from country to country, depending on which country you live in the world. What we call a tradition may sound something strange to our friends living in the other side of the earth. So we made a list of 12 Holiday Traditions in 12 different countries. After reading it you will surely […]

16 Outfit Rules That Are Old-Fashioned Now

The proverb, Rules are to be broken is so true for fashion. Today, it’s impossible to follow fashion rules installed by our mothers and grandmothers. It’s time to update the concept of style. Some things should be forgotten and we should learn other rules of fashion. Here are some. 16. Overalls are old-fashioned. Today, classic denim overall with straps aren’t that in anymore. […]

9 Things About Jennifer Aniston That Make Her An Inspiration

After the famous sitcom, Friends, was released in the ’90s, Jennifer Aniston became an inspiration for many girls. However, people love her for reasons that go beyond her appearance and recognize her for her wonderful personality.We are in love with Jennifer and here are 9 facts that prove why she’s a person who deserves to […]

Here are 7 Masks of Lady Gaga From the 2020 MTV VMAs

You know the queen of changes Lady Gaga, she loves to take everything like a competition and in this case no one can challenge her.  Each year at the MTV Video Music Awards she liked  to stand out from the crowd and this year with all the Corona situation we thought that Gaga would step […]

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

We are presenting some of the most expensive and sparkling celebrity engagement rings. If the diamond increases the price honors it value. Which one is on the top? Take a good look and try not to be surprised! 10.Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard The famous model Ratajkowski married filmmaker Sebastian Bear-McClard in February. Is said […]

The 10 Best Spas To Treat Yourself In NYC

If you’ve been meaning to treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment, we’ve rounded up the top places for you to book your next appointment in New York City.Winter damages our skin—and our sanity—making it an extra crucial time for some well-deserved spoil. There can be no better way to de-stress than by escaping the […]

11 Bizarre Wedding Traditions From All Around The World

The wedding day is a day when friends and family come together and watch two people dedicate their love to each other. This is all the same all around the world ! Nevertheless, in different countries around the world there are different traditions on this day, that make weddings a little bit more special. Some […]

15 Most Expensive Jewelry That Were Ever Sold

What Marilyn Monroe taught us was that diamonds are girl’s best friends. Thanks to their fascinating beauty, but also to their uniqueness, there are gems that have been sold for breathtaking sums of money. This is what makes them the most valuable objects on earth for the size and weight they have. These pieces are […]

15 Most Expensive Celebrity Dresses of All Time

When you know how much work goes into celebrity red carpet dresses – Nicole Kidman’s Cannes Dior dress took 1,000 hours to make, it makes sense that they have a price tag to match. Before we show you which iconic dress topped the list, here’s a little look at the fifteen most expensive celebrity dresses […]

Eye Color Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

Some research say that brown eye color is the most wide spread color in population with 79%, after that comes blue color with 10 % , hazel eyes are 5% and green eyes is only 2%. Well this thing has made researchers more curious to find some personality characteristic that each eye color has.  So […]

17 Bizarre Phobias You May Have Never Heard Of

A phobia is an illogical fear of an object, situation or creature. Fear is the natural response to danger. But it the other hand phobias often happen in response to something unexpected to cause real harm. While we have heard of common phobias, like the fear of heights or the fear of spiders , there […]

100 Years of American Fashion

Fashion is much more than just an outfit. For some it is considered to one of the most important reflections of the history and a huge part of American history. Since the establishment of the fashion industry, woman outfit trends have always been based on different cultures, events, music, and celebrity influence. In the last […]

25 Traditional Street Foods Every Traveler Must Try

The key to understanding a place’s history and culture often lies in its cuisine .We think that in order to find the best food in a place you are visiting for the first time ,you have to search for it in the streets .Not only is eating street food an easy and cheap way to […]